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    The decision has been made. You would like to increase your living space and you are going to modify your house. That annex will be built. A dormer may provide more light and a basement will free up more space. It might even be a good idea to join those two rooms, but is the breakthrough of that bearing wall even possible? Luckily, one of your friends is a builder or a contractor or is able to recommend one. The know-how of this person becomes apparent when he announces he is to call on the expertise of an engineer, and that is where Broersma Bouwadvies comes in.

    Our role in your plans as an engineering firm

    Logo Bureau Broersma klein Our employees have secondary vocational education, higher professional education or university education at the technical university towards civil engineering, which is supplemented by extensive experience in practice. They know what buildings consist of and, arguably more important still, know the consequences of desired alterations. The bearing structure of a building is determined by the interactions between the walls, the floor and the roof.

    The totality of these interactions ensures that the carrying load is supported by the foundation. What is considered safe is represented by the margin between the actual build and an instable situation, which is legally adopted in the Bouwbesluit 2012. Here, everything concerning safety is specified in chapter two: Technische Voorschriften uit het Oogpunt van Veiligheid. This law also refers to the NEN-EN-1990, which specifies the Grondslagen voor het Constructief Ontwerp, or the fundamentals of constructional design.

    Guidelines for safe implementation.

    Logo Bureau Broersma klein As specialists, we have the relevant knowledge and expertise to be able to apply the norms and to meet legal requirements. Towards the permit applicant, we thereby bear the responsibility of expertly doing our job.

    However, there is another aspect to our job. We make essential recommendations in order to prevent unsafe situations during construction (see Bouwbesluit 2012, chapter 8). Our working plans provide the basis for the executing building company to get to work conform the legally required safety measures.

    All plans made by Bureau Broersma are intended to be read by professionally operating contractors and supervisors. However, our employees will naturally provide you with an oral explanation of the plans.

    What we do and what not

    logo-blue-smallWe make architectural drafts and calculations of the construction of your residence and the consequences of any alterations. These coordinate with the work provided by the architect and include the specific instructions of the contractor. Do you have a plan for which you need a building permit? Include our documents in your application. We do not do any architectural work, those are reserved for the architects themselves. They can also help you in your process to obtain the required building permits.

    Had not thought about including other parties yet? In our experience, it is highly recommendable and if desired, we can help you connect with a suitable partner. Our final responsibility knows only one condition: The final plans designed by Bureau Broersma must be executed by a well-known and competent construction company.

    Agreed? Then we can get started.

    Logo Bureau Broersma kleinOnce we know what must be done, you will receive a quote without obligation which includes a copy of the general terms and conditions. Is extra work necessary? Then the remaining hours will be invoiced according to our hourly tariffs.

    What happens when you accept our offer? We put you in contact with the employee who will be leading the project. Together you make appointments and agreements with regards to the delivery of the products. During the process, this person will also keep you updated on the progression of the project by telephone or e-mail.

    Human capital

    logo-blue-small At Bureau Bouwadvies, engineers and technical specialists work together using the same level of expertise as their colleagues at Broersma Ingenieurs. Smaller projects need the same technical optimal quality. In fact, the engineers at Broersma Ingenieurs consult with their colleagues at Broersma Bouwadvies just as frequently as the other way around. Internal collaboration is just as important as collaboration between clients and their project teams.

    Faramarz dadi
    Recently graduated, Faramarz Ajdadi begins his search for permanent employment. One of his conversation partners points him in the direction of Buro Broersma. He walks in on a Friday and can get started the next Monday. He follows an extra course in Building with Steel and builds up a wealth of experience. Steel constructions are the basis for many alterations, annexes and renovations. Or, of course, for that football canteen. The fun in the job? Everything that you achieve, you achieve together with your team. That narrow collaboration is what makes the work worthwhile. He will not lose his passion for his job anytime soon.
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    Fred Lubben
    Fred Lubben has been around for quite a few years without a moment of boredom. Petrol stations may look similar, but if you look at the actual construction, every detail is different. You might have drafted many, they differ every time. After graduating from technical school towards road and water construction, during which he was an intern at Bureau Broersma, he goes off to fulfil his military conscription and is welcomed back at Bureau Broersma afterwards. He knows that he will be handling a diverse array of projects. All kinds of renovations, if possible of classical buildings. How do you maintain its style while also making sure it is stable, also in the long run? That is a creative adventure which always has a beautiful outcome. You tend to notice that at the last construction meeting, where you notice that you have made friends through means of your recommendations, support and supervision.
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    John de Zeeuw
    In the search for a job in the construction sector, the name of Bureau Broersma passes the revue. John de Zeeuw also experiences this while he is searching for a permanent job in the mid-90s. After various temporary jobs he would like something more constructive, a job which does not lose its challenge. He passes the Groothertoginnelaan 33, rings the bell and is immediately welcomed. He can start on Monday. He stayed, because the broad work territory and the diversity of projects will never get boring. The pursuit of a solution to an intricate problem and solving that problem together with colleagues never fails to be interesting. Whether this techie also applies his technical knowledge at home? They would certainly like that at home, but John himself less so. He would rather go out to sea in Scheveningen to windsurf.
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    Ing. Mohamed Ali Kazemi
    During his higher professional education, Mohamed chooses to do his internship at Bureau Broersma so that he may graduate at the same bureau. After graduation he stayed at Broersma, as has become custom at Bureau Broersma. That certainly was not a bad idea. He is assigned a specific segment: Help realise renovation projects through his designs. Where another person might see hindrance, Mohamed finds a challenge. The limited creative room given in projects asks for the smartest designs and calculations in order to ensure that the architect is satisfied, while still staying within the constructive margins. That is the challenge for this engineer. Besides renovations, Mohamed is interested in newer constructions. Those projects are also safe with him. What are his hobbies? His work, he replies. However, he does enjoy travelling to far off places. That is both relaxing and can teach you a lot.
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    Marcel Beenen
    Marcel Benen has some bad luck. He has to fulfil his military conscription after his internship at Broersma. Though, he has an equal amount of good luck as well: He is allowed to come back after his conscription. He still remembers the date well: January 2, 1980. That is when he started his long career, which is certainly not at its end. Whether he thinks that his time in the sector is up? Surely not, those renovations offer a new challenge time and again, no project is the same and all constructions are different. You are able update an object’s functionality, which is both useful for the residents and appealing for its surroundings. The Hotel des Indes in The Hague is a great example. Those extra two floors, which ensured the profitability of the hotel, was one of Marcel’s designs. What does Marcel do in his leisure time? He enjoys walking and photography.
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    Ing. Pim Beekink
    By 1986, Pim Beekink has completed his technical education and is at the start of the mandatory job application period. He commences his search for offices and studios, introduces himself, explores what the sector has to offer and contemplates the possibilities. The frequent The Hague route brings him to the Groothertoginnelaan. There at number 33, is that not an engineering firm? Buro Broersma? Ringing the doorbell and asking questions is always allowed. He steps into the door that leads him to his future and enjoys the work he receives. He starts by designing construction drawings and later moves on to perform calculations. Nowadays, he is part of the management team and the organisation and management of the firm plays a prominent role in his work. His vast network enables him to introduce Bureau Broersma in all places. Maintaining contacts with clients are entrusted to him and he primarily occupies his time with Broersma Bouwadvies. That he is still able to make time to serve the football club as the chairman of the youth division only proves his talent for organisation further. With his experience in analysing, evaluating and problem-solving, planning one’s calendar efficiently is no problem at all. Useful for Bureau Broersma… and for the football club.
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    Lucienne van Leeuwen
    Bureau Broersma has an office manager who can program slideshows and can produce multimedia projects. That is because that used to be her job for years at a famous audio-visual studio in Scheveningen. Motherhood and the education and upbringing of two children is added to the equation. Starting out as a receptionist at Bureau Broersma thereby leads to an ever-increasing accumulation of tasks and responsibilities. These range from simply being the first person you talk to when you call the Bureau, to making sure all affairs, including administration and human resources, are properly in order at Bureau Broersma. Does her being a lady amidst all the guys make her an easy target for the predominantly male humour at the office? Surely, you did not know that her parents used to own a bar in Scheveningen, the ideal surroundings for making sure a young woman grows up able-bodied. This woman knows how to stand her ground.
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    Paul Eijgenraam
    It all started with an internship at Bureau Broersma, because they are renowned for that. Paul Eijgenraam was still doing his secondary vocational education in architecture when he decided he wanted to continue his studies at a higher professional level. He combined his studies with doing chores at Broersma. Chores? Yes chores, because that is what Paul calls the smaller projects which do not immediately bring about the most immense urban developments. He graduated by writing his thesis at Bureau Broersma. Since the name Broersma is such a constant in the story of Paul Eijgenraam, it will come as no surprise that Paul took up a permanent position at the firm. He is simply wildly interested in technology. Other interests are good food and great movies.
    Bob van den Enden
    During his studies at The Hague University Bob gains experience at small and medium sized contractors. While searching for a challenging final assignment in 2016, he wanders into the office at Groothertoginnelaan 33. Mr Broersma (Bob may call him Andries) supervises him for his final assignment. Now, since 2018, Bob is sitting comfortably at his old desk again. That is where knowledge, science and building practices come together and that is exactly what the junior engineer is interested in. He calculates and drafts small projects in order to become an excellent engineer. He will certainly get there, because such a healthy mind in the body of a fitness athlete, surfer, wakeboarder, swimmer, cyclist, triathlon athlete and ... pfffff … we are not finished yet … a sea fisherman will always succeed. In the summer, he is a lifeguard at the beach and in his weekends, he goes out with his friends. Perfect combinations.
    Angelo van Holsteijn
    With HBO in his pocket, he moved from The Hague University of Applied Sciences to an internship at Broersma. Constructive, so both parties agreed and decided to stick together. In the Building Advice department, for example, he gains experience to move on to larger projects. He substantiates this aim with further study. You have to choose your goals, just like in his hobby football and appear as fit as possible on the playing field. The coach's battle plans are ultimately just as useful as the sober numbers for the creative process to follow. And just as exciting, because after the effort comes the cheering reward. So stay fit with vigorous exercise and gain knowledge and experience in the workplace. Angelo is having a good time. Top seller at Broersma.
    Rohina Restami
    Anyone who leaves distant Afghanistan behind to look for a new future in the Netherlands has a goal in mind. And if you speak Dutch as Rohina within seven years, then you have a lot to offer. She studied Civil Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and subsequently obtained a master's degree in Structure Engineering. How far does she want to kick it? "Far? No, as high as possible”, is the witty answer. She feels at home in the Netherlands. So at home that she considers Afghanistan, where her parents still live, to be 'abroad' and sees skating in the Dutch freezing cold and swimming as wonderful hobbies. Oh yes, and shopping is also one of her favorite pastimes. In short, Rohina's chance of success at Broersma in the Netherlands is optimal.